Saturday, March 10, 2012


When I began having children, for some reason I never imagined them being over 6 years old.  I  don't know what this says about me.  I guess I just didn't project too far into the future.  Or maybe I thought time was going to stand still.  I certainly never imagined having teenagers.  AND I CERTAINLY NEVER IMAGINED HAVING TEENAGED GRANDCHILDREN!!  
But now I do...or almost.  Matt's oldest daughter, Caitlin, turns 13 March 14th.  Since Andy & I were both going to be out of town on her birthday (and since her parties now are understandably with her friends), we took her and her family to the restaurant of her choosing last night.  One thing we can count on...we'll get to eat at Kabuki at least once a year! ha!  In fact, she gets to eat out 2 more times for her birthday and she's choosing Kabuki for each time.  That girl loves her some Kabuki!!

This is a photo of Caitin with her younger sister, Alexis, at Kabuki.  Alexis is 9-years-old.  Alexis had sushi.  In fact, Alexis has a sushi maker but hasn't gotten to use it yet.  I told her she needed to get with her Uncle Gary & Aunt Mamy.  Gary taught Aunt Mamy how to make sushi and they all love it.  Caitlin tried the sushi and made faces the entire time. ha!  These are two beautiful girls who are growing up much too quickly.

Caitlin can't wait until she turns 15 and can take driver's ed.  I fully intended to go by the driver's license bureau and get a driver's handbook.  I told her she could study for 2 years and ace that test!

Caitlin has a big heart.  She never meets a stranger!  She makes friends easily and laughs a lot.  She's very gifted--she loves to dance and is currently taking gymnastics again.  She's a natural athlete.  Shes's the first kindred spirit I've had in my family for reading--especially at her age.  I bought her a book recently when we went to Lubbock for Dax's birthday (a thick book) and she read it within 24 hours.  So she got the whole series for her birthday.  I'm betting she has them read by the end of this next week.  Caitlin has started babysitting.  She loves kids!  It's so hard for me to wrap my mind around her being old enough to do this...but she is.  She's a very responsible young woman.  Caitlin is also very appreciative.  She constantly thanks us for anything we do for her.  Oh!  And this girl loves animals!!  She has a menagerie at her house--ducks, goats, rabbits--with more to come, I'm sure.

I'm pretty proud of this girl!  We were excited when she came into our family.  It's been fun watching her grow and change.  We love you, Caitlin!  But I sure wish we could make time stand still...
Happy almost 13th birthday!


Kara said...

Happy almost 13th. Such a fun age and my oh my what a sweet and beautiful young lady.

amy wright said...

It's really hard to believe that she's 13. Happy Birthday, Caitlin!!

Lindsey said...

Can't believe it either. It's like she was 2 just yesterday.

Ronnie said...

What a wonderful blessing for you!!! She is beautiful. It is hard to believe kids get big (I still think mine should be in the preschool department - NOT the youth department) So glad she likes babysitting - Everyone needs a good babysitter!!!