Saturday, June 18, 2016

Why is a Dad so Important?

Zach & his boys

Why is a dad so important in the life of a child?
The bottom line is:  They represent the Heavenly Father.  

David & his kids

A father who has their child's best interest at heart, who invests time in them, who builds them up and encourages them...paves the way for that child to fall in love with their Heavenly Father.  Of course, every person has a choice whether or not to follow God, but a good father at least gives them a beautiful picture to understand God's heart.

Jay & his kids

The heart of a good dad...
  • loves, Loves, LOVES his kids
  • Provides financially and materially for his children
  • Gives understanding
  • Invests time in his children
  • Is a safe place for his kids
  • Listens
  • Encourages
  • Builds up
  • Helps his kids find their own strengths and empowers them
  • Is patient
  • Gives discipline
  • Provides healthy boundaries
  • Trains his children
  • Teaches right and wrong
  • Cuddles, holds, hugs, kisses his children
  • Teaches long-lasting life lessons
  • Is faithfully committed to his kids
  • Is a good example
  • Believes the best of his children and for his children
  • Points them in the right direction
  • Blesses their child
Matt & his girls

What a beautiful inheritance a good dad is. 

Andy & his kids

It's also something which can be passed to each succeeding generation.  And if you haven't had that kind of legacy--you can change all of that starting now!  I bless you Daddies!!  You are so needed in this generation.  You don't have to be a birth father to bless others--my brother, Gary, has invested himself in all of his nieces and nephews.  Just find a child who needs a father's influence and begin making life-changing deposits in their lives.

Gary & some of his nephews

Pick up the mantle of "Father" and be a good representative of the Heavenly Father.  You are so needed.

To all of the great dad's in my life....

In loving memory of my great dad!

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