Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Old Laughs!

I was going through my DropBox and found some gems!  I just had to share.  These probably won't mean much to anyone but me, but I had a great laugh looking at some of these...

This was Halloween and Andy had come up with some great masks.  We took a selfie and sent it to our kids.  I'm sure they were entertained.  (Not.)

Another Halloween years ago in Broken Arrow.  We dressed up as a hobo family.  Except David. (looking embarrassed of his hobo family--front & center in the red/white striped shirt).  

This was a family vacation in Red River or some touristy-place where they took Wild West photos.  We had so much fun doing this as a family...except David.  (Who is missing.  Do you see a trend?)

A Christmas when Zach got his first guitar and the kids got a dog they named Bow.  What a sweet dog!

This was Andy playing with an app that makes you...different.  We were having way too much fun!!
(And laughing hysterically!)

This is an old picture of me...without an app.  Oh my!  
(It's ok to laugh--I did!!)

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