Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Abundant LIFE!

When I was about 34-years-old, I went to God and said, "If this is all there is to the Christian life, I'm kind of disappointed."  I was going to church (my husband was on staff for goodness' sake) and I felt like I was doing all the "right" things.  But I couldn't seem to get my hands on that illusive abundant life.  I think God delights when we come to Him with statements or questions like that--He wants to deliver!!

I committed to pouring myself into the Word of God.  Honestly, that's all I knew to do.  I was desperate.  And I was meeting with a group of women and praying.  About this time, we had also formed something which fondly became known as P&P to us--Praise & Prayer--with a group of friends who were as desperate to find that abundant life as we were.  I would systematically read my Bible during those days and ask God to speak to me.  I would be surrounded by commentaries, Bible dictionaries, Hebrew & Greek lexicons, etc. I was no scholar, but I was sure desperate.  I remember reading John 14:6 and the Holy Spirit instructed me to read it again.  I did.  And when I did, I just remember Him whispering, "It's progressive, Becky."  I looked again...and again.  And then I got it!!  I had to come to Jesus as the Way.  He's the only way to God--and it's a narrow way.  And to get to abundant life, I had to go through truth!

I have consistently pursued Truth since then.  I'm constantly asking God the truth about a situation, a person, a direction...everything.  Jesus is truth.  And as I pursue truth, I'm pursuing Him.  And the more truth He reveals, the fuller my life gets.  In fact, there are moments when I become giddy about my life!  Pursuing truth is like a treasure hunt--one discovery leads to another.  And with each discovery comes more revelation of who God is and who He created me to be.  I can still go through hard things and can get overwhelmed, but abundant life isn't dependent on my circumstances. God has revealed truth in the midst of some very hard circumstances in my life and it's like an amazing awakening takes place.  My eyes are opened to things I've never seen before and an explosion of the joy of the Lord rushes in and changes my perspective!

If I could hand every believer one single thing, it would be this...pursue truth.  Because when you do, you are certain to arrive at ABUNDANT LIFE!!