Friday, September 19, 2014

God's best for me is not perfect...

I saw this on Facebook recently and instantly my heart said, "YES!"  That's it exactly.  My cousin, Pam, so aptly commented, "God's plan looks way more adventurous and definitely NOT boring! It sure is exciting watching how HE gets me out of those pits!! "

It's only taken me 58 years to come to the realization that God's BEST for me is not PERFECT.  And by perfect, I mean flawless, without defect, without shortcomings, foolproof, impeccable.  Or maybe it's just that God's definition of perfect is different from mine.  

I've known this in theory, but why can't my heart line up with my mind on this issue?  I've read James 1 (even memorized it!) where it says trials and testing make us perfect (mature, complete--God's definition of "perfect").  We all want life without problems, complications, worries, tests!!  But God, in His wisdom, knows that those are the very things that grow us up--make us perfect.  (Which, by the way, is a great example in parenting for us!)

God's best for me isn't going to look perfect (without defect)...but it will bring about perfection (completion, maturity), if I let it.

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