Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Panfork Youth Camp

River fun! 

Three man ball.

Heaven & Hell--Go & Tell Simulation

Groom girls with the Booker girls!

Bum Bum Bitty Bitty before Bible Study.

Groom dominated in GaGa ball!

The Fishermen

Andy & I went with 9 of our youth to Panfork Camp last week.  We had a rough start, but on our way home I asked our kids, "So...was it a good week?"  And without exception, they all yelled, "YES!"

Our kids were great.  On day one, we girls got to our cabin first...knowing we'd be sharing the cabin with other groups because there were only 3 of us.  We got in the cabin, chose our beds, and nested.  A woman came in and told us she had 9 in her group and they'd all like to be together.  We told her that was perfect--the other side of the cabin had plenty of beds for all of them.  Later, some girls came in and told us there were 9 of them and where should they go?  We didn't know which church the woman was from, but tried to determine if it was the same group.  We couldn't figure it out, so we directed them to the other side of the cabin. wasn't the same group.  Because the other group wasn't going to be able to be together, we opted to join the group on the other side where there were more beds so the woman's group could be together.  I was so proud of our girls!!  They never complained. They just packed up their bedding, got their luggage and moved.  We got the beds which were left-over and nested again.  What a great mistake!  We ended up on the same side as First Baptist Church, Booker, TX and we fell in love with that group!!  I love how God redeems our mistakes!

During the free time in the afternoons, we could always find 90% of our boys fishing.  They would catch & release.  They caught tons of fish with corn as bait.  They asked Andy to go into town and see if he could find them some we did.  Apparently, people in Wellington and Shamrock don't go fishing much.

Our kids took challenges.  The climbed rock walls, walked beams 30 ft. in the air, slid in mud, played games they didn't want to play in the hot sun.  But most importantly, they listened to God.  They were challenged by some great Bible teaching and experiences.  And I believe some lives were changed.  I know they were drawn together as a group through some tough experiences.  One thing I now know about Groom kids....they have each other's back.

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