Monday, April 22, 2013

Rest & Relaxation

Andy & I left Borger last Tuesday--heading for Ruidoso, NM.  My brother and his wife graciously offered their cabin to us to get away.  And boy!  Did we need to get away!  Andy had just gotten home from China and I had bounced around between my kids having lots of fun.  Our goal on this trip was to completely rest.

The deer greeted us at the door when we got here.  There are probably 20 deer that hang out in this area and are almost domesticated.  Apparently, one of the neighbors feeds them because they were hanging out in his car port and he was just walking among them.

The first morning we were here, we pulled in to a restaurant for breakfast and heard our names as we walked in the door!  Bobby & Linda Bridges were up here vacationing, too.  We had so much fun catching up with some Borger people we hardly ever get to see!

Thankfully, we had a cool night and got to build a fire!  It was so nice--just what you want when you go to the mountains to rest!

We saw this sign as we drove into town and as we were deciding where to go to church Sunday morning, this was the only place we could find...and knew what time it started!  But it was so much fun to visit and pray for jockeys, trainers, owners, etc.  Honestly, we don't usually go to church when we're on vacation.  But we have a desire to visit some churches and just see the state of the church at large.

It seemed Andy was getting the hang of resting.  But I soon found out it was just because he was jet lagged.

We knew Lindsey wouldn't forgive us if we didn't go try her favorite restaurant here.  So we got the green chili chicken tamales at Tina's.  I highly recommend them.  We were going to try her famous pie....but we ate late and the pie was quickly gone.

Now we're cookin' with peanut oil!!  JACKPOT!  We found the flea markets.  I love flea markets.  In fact, I love them so much, I think we've visited all of them at least twice!!  I found some great bargains.

I didn't know Ruidoso had a movie theatre!  But we saw the sign that "42" was showing--and we both wanted to go see it.  We went at 4:00 in the afternoon and were surrounded by geriatrics.  In other words...people our age.  But it was a GREAT movie!!  It was inspiring...but also made me sad to see how people were treated not so long ago.

We got to go try out the country club cuisine while we were here.  Andy was very happy because it was prime rib buffet night.  I was happy when I saw the desserts.  I chose this fabulous tiramisu.  I wish I'd brought the rest home.  Oh. my. goodness.

I'd asked all of my girls what they needed/wanted for all of their Pinterest projects so I could look for things at the flea markets.  Shanna's desires were a little ambiguous.  She wanted something fun for her walls.  Andy found this.  (I wouldn't let him buy it, Shanna!)

Today, we drove to Lincoln, NM to look around.  It's the area where Billy the Kid hung out.  This was their retro post office (still in use...just like this).  I absolutely loved it!  And I also mailed something from there.

We went on to Capitan and looked around in their flea markets.  I think Andy would have purchased this phone booth ($1500), if he'd still had a basement to put it in!

One thing we've learned on this trip....we're lousy at resting.  I knew I'd be lucky if I could keep Andy here a week.  I was hoping for two.  But we're heading home tomorrow with a little jaunt south first.  We have some business to take care of.  But we're both anxious to get home and get back in the game.  We're tired from all this rest!  But...we may take a couple of more trips before we do....
I'll keep you posted.


Lindsey said...

Looks fun!! Andy does still have a basement for the phone booth...but his living room might be a little crowded.

Ronnie said...

What a fun time!!! I am so glad you got away and had some "down" time. Ruidoso is a GREAT place! Miss you, let's do lunch sometime when you are home.

amy wright said...

I'd say you did rest. You had fun, didn't have to make big decisions, and sat by a fire. :)