Friday, March 29, 2013

Emergency Room Visit

Andy cut his knuckles. He was cleaning up the backyard after the big move and pulled the trash can down on himself and the ground. His knuckles scraped the ground.

He said it was cut to the bone and he needed to go to the emergency room.

So here we are. The doctor said it wasn't the bone, but the tendon.

He wanted to know if we saw any skin on the ground--it would have been nice for a graft.

He's gotten a shot to numb his fingers...and now we wait. I'm betting on 4 stitches.

His doctor is a comedian! Andy asked him if he took sewing lessons to be able to give stitches. His reply, "No. I just watched lots of YouTube videos!"

Three stitches on the first finger. Two on the 2nd. I missed. I think he's going to live.

**Shanna taught me to use the blog app on my phone!!

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amy wright said...

Did he pass out? I know how he is about seeing blood on himself. I'm the same way. :)