Saturday, December 17, 2016

Just a cook...


What if you wanted to fulfill your purpose but lived in the boonies?  What if you thought, "The only thing I can do is cook."?  

Today, I drove 140 miles out of my way to observe the greatness of Ree Drummond. Of course, she doesn't just cook--she's an author and photographer, too. But the reason I make the point is because I hear many people say, "But I just _____."  (Fill in the blank!)  God has a purpose for each of us. And if we never accept the giftings He's given us, we'll never explore how to use them for the kingdom of God!  

Ree is such a good example that it doesn't matter where you live!!  Pawhuska, Oklahoma is a town boasting 3500 people--and Ree doesn't even actually live within the city limits. She lives on a ranch outside of town. 


But today, her new Mercantile was very crowded with people from miles around!!  People drove to Pawhuska to be near Ree, to celebrate who she is and what she's done. They hoped to see her. Why?  Because she's become famous with her amazing recipes and her step-by-step photography and blogging of those recipes. How does that happen?


Because she didn't let her mind get in the way!  She accepted her gifts and used them. I'm sure she had no idea in the beginning she'd become famous--she was just a city girl stuck on a ranch looking for an outlet. But she used what she had...and God expanded her!

What are your gifts??  Don't let your mind get in the way! Give them to God and let Him expand them for His kingdom!!  You never know...

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