Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Why God put Moses in the Princess' house


How many of us have felt unquestionable empathy with Jochebed, Moses' mother, for having to put Moses in a basket and send him down the river to save his life from the king's edict to kill all of the Israelites' baby boys?  I can't even imagine the heartache. But her plan wasn't without much prayer and forethought.  I think she knew when and where the princess came to bathe. I think she counted on a woman's compassion for this tiny infant. But mostly, she trusted a big God to guide everything!

It occurred to me this week that God had so much more in mind than just having Moses' life saved and then growing up as a prince. If he had grown up in slavery, how hard would it have been for Moses to break free from the mindset of a slave to deliver a nation from bondage?  But Moses grew up in the palace with all of the best at his disposal. He understood royal protocol.  He knew the language. He knew how the kingdom worked and how the pharaoh ruled. God wasn't withholding from Jochebed and Moses...He used Jochebed's great redemptive love to produce a king who could deliver God's people. 

We should never underestimate or question God's amazing plan. 

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