Wednesday, December 24, 2014

HIS Story

This evening, at our candle lighting service, I'm teaching the children the Christmas story.  Andy asked me to do that about a month ago.  And I am excited to do it.  So I've read the story over several times, gotten the C.E.F. flash cards which I'll use from my mom, and chosen which part of the story I'll tell.

Last night, I was preparing some more and it hit me!  I'm telling HIS story!  God's story about JESUS!!  That may not sound particularly incredible to you, but let me tell you why it's so incredible to me...

A week ago, my brother died.  And in this past week, my mind has been flooded with "Bob-stories."  I can't quit thinking on him and everything he did.  About a month before, my good friend, Faye Ybarra, died.  One of the last things Faye told me was this, "Tell my story!"  Tell her story indeed.  And I will.  But I knew I needed time to process everything...and grieve.  Both of their stories are good stories!!  Stories worth telling.

But HIS story makes their stories have perfect endings.  Jesus may have been born and laid in a manger...but He was also the mighty warrior King who victoriously busted his way out of death to redeem mankind to Himself.  Our lives are held in the balance until we decide what to do with HIS story.

Go here if you don't know HIS story....

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