Sunday, October 26, 2014

God Is Committed to Change...and Yet Never Changes

Don't you love how God never changes?  He's our anchor, our compass as we continually change.  And He's committed to our change.  He's told us to work out our own salvation (of our soul--mind, will & emotions).  Philippians 2:12.  He's told us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.  Romans 12:2.  We are to become more and more like Christ.

I'm so glad God is committed to changing me.  God has proven once again that I don't even know my own heart.  Jeremiah 17:9.  He's a surgeon who is a perfectionist.  He comes offering surgery...and yet I have to agree to allow him to lay bare my heart.  But once I do, He gently folds back the layers of my heart to show me what is in there.  Even though it's ugly and repulsive, it's such a relief to see. Because I know it's not only going to be uncovered and revealed, but it's about to be taken out of there!  Knowing the truth sets me free.  And another layer of the "onion peel" is taken off of me.  I'm becoming more and more free.

What did God remove?  A resisting.  Actually, kicking and screaming against Him.  I didn't even know I was.  How could I not know that?  Because it was so hidden and covered up by years and years of junk.

This morning, Andy preached on Jeremiah 33:3--how we can call on God and He will show us great and mighty things we don't even know.  Sometimes those great and mighty things are the deep, hidden recesses of our own heart.  But in the revealing of those things, comes something even greater.  He shows His power.  He discloses His love.  He exposes His great mercy, forgiveness, healing and hope.

I believe as God continues to change me, I will know Him more deeply.  My trust in Him only grows.  I love Him like never before.  I know He loves me.   And sometimes...yes, sometimes...I even come asking for that surgery.  After you taste that kind of freedom, you begin to crave it.  Change in me is good.  I'm so glad He's changeless...I need a compass.

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