Friday, December 21, 2012

A Minister Needs Help

Stu & Debi with Ellie Kate
These are my friends, Stu & Debi Tully.  We were on staff with Stu and his wife, Debi, when we were at a church in Oklahoma.  I’d lost touch with them until we found one another on Facebook.  It was so fun catching up with them.  But recently my heart has been burdened as I’ve watched what they’ve walked through with their two granddaughters, Ellie Kate (7) and Lucy (3).  Both girls were born with a rare genetic disorder which is terminal.  Ellie Kate seems to be losing her battle with this disease and may soon be in the precious arms of Jesus.  I can’t imagine what this family has walked through.  It’s been hard to read the updates on Facebook as they’ve been in and out of the hospital time after time and are physically, spiritually, mentally, and emotionally exhausted.
Stu began a missions organization years ago and has traveled all over the world sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.  He’s been one of God’s faithful ones.  In the past few months, he’s struggled over where to be.   When he’s home, he’s dedicated himself to his family–staying at the hospital with the girls so mom and dad could rest while Debi has stayed with the 2 boys at home and washed clothes, cooked, etc.  It’s been a tag-team operation so each adult could grab some rest when they could.  (Ellie Kate & Lucy’s parents, Michael & Ryan are beyond exhausted…and grieving, as you can imagine !)  My heart has ached.
Yesterday, in his post entitled “Hope for Hopeless Times,”  Stu made mention of how ministry funding had hit an all-time low….right here at Christmas…while he’s helping his family…while his granddaughter is slipping away.  I can’t even imagine.    Of course, funds are set up for Ellie Kate which help with her medical bills and her immediate family.  But there’s nothing set up for the grandparents who are dedicating their lives to help their family at this time.
It’s CHRISTMAS!  How can I help these ministers dependent on donations from God’s people?  By letting you know about this need.  Would you please consider stopping over atStu’s ministry website and making a donation?  You can make a donation by credit/debit card, Paypal, or by sending a check to the address posted.  I’m not asking you to become a regular supporter–although God may lay that on your heart!  Even if it’s only $10, $25, or $100…if we all make a one-time donation, it might help them get through this hard season of their lives.  Would you consider being the hands of Jesus for Stu & Debi?  And if you’re already a faithful supporter of this ministry, would you consider making a Christmas donation?  Please…just pray about it.  And thank you.
Sweet Ellie Kate