Monday, August 24, 2009

School Memories

Well, with everyone posting about the first day of school on facebook, it's got me remembering...

Matt's first day of school: Matt went to San Jacinto Christian Academy in Amarillo for kindergarten. We took him into his classroom the first day and he grabbed the door jam and we couldn't push him into the room! The teacher was on the other side trying to coax him in. He was crying. We got out to the car, and he had broken free and was chasing us down. Think we should have known to hold our youngest kindergartner back a year right then????

Amy's first day of school: Amy went to Coronado Elementary in Amarillo just a year later. (No more private school with 2 in school!) We took her in for her first day of school and she stopped me about halfway down the hallway before we reached her room. She pulled me down and quietly told me, "Mom, don't go in the room with me!" So I stayed where I was and watched her skip into her classroom. Same age as Matt starting kindergarten---just a difference in a boy and a girl. She only went to school there about 6 weeks and then we moved to Broken Arrow, Ok. where she had another first day of kindergarten. She did just as well the 2nd time.

David's first day of school: David went to Crockett Elementary in Borger. We'd learned from his older brother that young boy kindergartners needed to be held back a year, so we held David back. Didn't matter. On his first day, I couldn't even get him near his room. He began balking in the hallway. His principal (who also went to our church and knew us) pulled David into a broom closet (!) and talked him into going into his room. David looked at me with soulful eyes as he relunctlantly went into his classroom where Mrs. Mastroberti was his teacher.

Zach's first day of school: Zach was 6 months older than his 2 brothers when he started kindergarten. We'd learned that it just didn't matter about holding him back. Plus this mom was ready to have all 4 in school so she could have a break! Zach was excited about his first day of school. Didn't cry--that I remember. (I also probably did a better job of preparing this one--plus, he's sanguine!) I met the Coffman's in the hallway who had 3 girls and the youngest was also starting kindergarten. So I asked Evelyn if she wanted to go eat lunch. We made a date to eat lunch w/ our husbands at Lorene's. I got in my car and screamed, "WOOOOOOO-HOOOOOO!!!!!!!!" People turned and stared. Most moms were crying. The Coffman's and Dietz's made it a yearly tradition to eat at Lorene's the first day of school until Zach & Lynna graduated--to celebrate!


amy wright said...

I don't think I skipped down the hall in Amarillo. I was terrified until I put my supplies on a table, and then found a little boy that I knew from down the street. I remember you and Dad watching me from the doorway.
But I for sure remember skipping in Broken Arrow. I loved Mrs. Metcalf. :)

Marcy Faye Hallden said...

I remember you and Evelyn doing Lorene's every year!! I don't think I will be one of those emotional moms either. I am excited for Hudson to start pre school and school. It's just a new chapter, and I will be ready when it comes!

Julie Simmons said...

great post....enjoyed it!

Rachel said...

My YOOOOOO-HOOOOOO is coming in 2 years. I am looking forward to as well as enjoying the time we have left. Awesome post!